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"Come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."

Mk. 6:31

Nestled on the ridge overlooking the Bay of Fundy...

a place to be quiet

Come... Inthestillness

Ken & Fay Neilson
Meet Ken and Fay Neilson


Inthestillness Retreat Center began as a dream and idea placed in the heart and mind of two young college students. (That's us)


When we first met, we were drawn to each other as a result of a shared dream of having a place where people could come and rest, be still and hear the voice of God. As we married and began our family this vision grew, and as we raised our four children and wondered how and when this would be, God continued to prepare us for this work.


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Inthestillness...a place for retreat
We Offer :
  • A place for you to come and rest in our cottage viewing the bay
  • A place to read, pray, and study in our oratory library
  • A place for personal reflection in our outdoor chapel
  • A place to begin to explore the Bay of Fundy.


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