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Ken & Fay Neilson

We Value:
  • Faith
  • People created in the image of God.
  • Simplicity and stillness as a way to hear the still small voice of God.
  • Listening and Encouraging people where ever they are on their faith journey
  • Nature as God's sanctuary and His call to worship.
  • Our relationship with God and the 'practice of His presence' in our lives.
Our Story


Inthestillness Retreat began as a dream and idea placed in the heart and mind of two young college students. (That's us) When we first met, we were drawn to each other as a result of a shared dream of having a place where people could come and rest, be still and hear the voice of God. As we married and began our family, this vision grew, and as we raised our four children and wondered how and when this would be, God continued to prepare us for this work.

   Through years of preparation; through work, education, and experience, we learned the value of having quiet and the joy of being in God’s creation to settle and discern His voice from all others.
   When our youngest child left for college, we found the place, nestled on the ridge overlooking the Bay of Fundy - a place to be quiet. We sold everything we had and bought, as scripture tells us, ‘the field that contained the hidden treasure.’ (Matt. 13:44) One year after the purchase of the land, we began to build. Most of the construction was completed by ourselves, with the occasional help of two friends. After 3 months of working dawn to dusk, the retreat that God had placed in our hearts as an idea, so many years before, became a reality.

   We began living our dream . . .  “Inthestillness...a place for retreat.”

Ken Neilson
Dr. Ken Neilson

Integrating Psychology and Theology


Ken is a semi-retired professional counsellor/educator still providing some supervision for LCT-C's  and mentoring conversations and teaching.

His Education and Professional Designations are as follows:

  • Doctor of Ministry (Practical Theology) ADC, Acadia University

  • MA (Counselling and Family Psychology) Eastern Nazarene College

  • BA (Psychology, Philosophy)  University of Manitoba

  • BSL (Theology and Liberal Arts) Canadian Nazarene College


  • Licensed Counselling Therapist (CCTNB)

  • Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCPA)

  • Ordained Deacon - R (Church of the Nazarene)


Ken enjoys, walking, running, and studying. His time is spent hosting people, and working on his woodlot while continuing his journey of prayer and learning. He spends time enjoying solitude and silence. His current interest is learning about and experiencing pilgrimage both here and away and helping people to do that too.  

Fay Neilson

Fay loves living by the Bay of Fundy. She finds contentment looking out over the water and enjoys hiking along the ridge overlooking the Bay, and exploring the shoreline below.


A lover of quiet, reflective music, Fay is skilled as both a pianist and harpist. She enjoys writing music, poetry and stories, incorporating them into her faith journey, and sharing them with others.


Her greatest joys are found in watching her husband and their grown children contribute to their worlds, and realizing the faithfulness of God's answers to prayer over the years. Her deep desire is to see this continue in the lives of her children and grandchildren, and to see those who come Inthestillness find a new sense of how much God delights in them. She enjoys sharing with others exploring some of the tried and true reflective practices of prayer.

Her faith education includes:

  • Biblical Studies Diploma (Canadian Nazarene College)

  • Christian Disciplines Certificate of Completion (Nazarene Theological Seminary)

  • Self Study - Early Celtic Christianity

  • Learning to pray (the school of life :)


Fay is an avid DIYer, crafter, gardener, musician... a choral singer and community choir director. She is also an internationally certified tour guide and has been conducting tours in the St. Martins area for a number of years.

Her creative, gentle spirit, combined with her love of God, the great outdoors, and music are resources for you as you come.

Fay Neilson
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