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A Pilgrim's Journey

Browns Beach St Martins NB
A Pilgrim's Journey


As we walk through life, we often need some quiet time and space to help us make sense of our thoughts. 

We have found that as we step out of our everyday busy-ness, for the specific purpose of thinking and gaining perspective, walking and reflecting in nature is an important way to hear God's voice. Being inthestillness - is an important part of the process. 

'A Pilgrims Journey', is a guide of day hikes and reflections, that will help you as you enjoy this beautiful part of creation.



  • Accommodation in our guest cottage.

  • Welcome, Introduction, and Q&A time with Fay

  • The booklet - 'A Pilgrams Journey.' 

  • Access to St. Kevin's Oratory, a private prayer chapel that also houses our library with books on various topics of interest; marriage, family, counselling, and applied theology. 

  • Access to all our hiking trails and outdoor chapel

  • Lots of unstructured time to rest and enjoy God's creation.


*length of retreat can be adjusted to your preference.

*If costs are prohibitive for you, please speak with us when you book.  Financial help may be available through our Scholarship Fund.


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