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Inthestillness Retreat Centre is a private, fee for service, faith based sanctuary for all who seek God at every stage of their journey. 


  • Guest cottage: $125/night or $800/wk



Retreat Additions:

  • Mentoring Conversations



  • Guided Prayer Retreat: $30 - $150 + lodging

(1-5 hours with your prayer guide)

*length of retreat can be adjusted to your preference.


If costs are prohibitive for you, please speak with us when you book.  Financial help may be available through our Scholarship Fund.



In order to help sustain the work of Inthestillness, and to confirm your reservation date, we ask the following deposit:

  • $100 for up to 1 week long retreats

  • $200 for more than 1 week

Cancellation Policy:

We are self employed and our livelihood is dependent on people being faithful to their scheduled retreats. When you book a retreat, the time is yours; reserved specifically for you. Other than weather or health emergencies, we ask that you give us at least:

  • 1 month notice for more than 1 week

  • 2 weeks notice for up to 1 week


This enables us to offer the time to someone else.  If you fail to provide us with the required notice, your deposit will be forfeited​. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to your retreat. 

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