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Chapel - Labyrinth - Hiking

Outdoor Chapel


There is a beautiful spot along the ridge overlooking the bay where youll find our outdoor Chapel.


It is amazing how the presence of God permeates a space when you designate it as ‘Sacred’. We know that God is ever-present, but He is especially present here.


Sit in this sacred space and commune with Him. Worship Him through the music of the birds in the trees and the waves on the shore. 

Chapel Inthestillness
Labyrinth: A Path for Prayer


Walking the labyrinth is a sacred journey of prayer. There is nothing magical about the shape. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has a single winding path that leads to and from the center. 

The journey in is an opportunity to let go of burdens and fears.

The center is a place to rest in God's loving embrace.

The journey out can signify taking God's presence and gifts out into your world with you.

Meander along our woodland trails and stand in awe of our creator.

Showshoe these trails on a winters day. Stand Inthetillness and listen to the quiet.

Browns Beach: Stroll these solitary sands and let the waves of hope lap at your feet. This secret sanctuary soothes the soul.

At low tide you can walk out to Sugarloaf and climb to the very top. It is exhilarating. Here along the Bay of Fundy the tides get to be 33 feet.

Sugarloaf marks the beginning of Brows Beach. At high tide only the top of it is visible above the water.

Hiking Trails
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